Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Firm’s diverse litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice includes advocacy for plaintiffs and defendants involved in a wide variety of controversies. Our attorneys regularly appear before federal and state courts at both the trial and appellate level, administrative agencies, as well as the American Arbitration Association, FINRA and other arbitration and mediation panels.

We are retained to prosecute or defend claims arising out of all types of corporate, business, securities and real estate transactions, as well as disputes related to employment, shareholder conflicts, building construction, estates, contracts, torts, employment discrimination, family businesses and other personal matters.

We assist our clients in a preliminary evaluation of each dispute in an effort to avoid unnecessary litigation where the cost may exceed the expected benefits. Our role generally begins with exploring the possibility of dispute resolution. If the dispute cannot be amicably resolved, our representation continues through all phases of pre-trial, trial and, if necessary, appellate proceedings. At Salon Marrow, we apply an effective blend of legal know-how and pragmatism in a vigorous effort to obtain the best results for our clients. We have found that our expertise and size enables us to efficiently and effectively prepare a case for trial or for arbitration and, where appropriate, to resolve the matter by settlement on a cost-effective basis.

Representative clients of our Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Group have included corporations, both public and private engaged in various industries and businesses including, banking and lending, equipment financing, generic drugs, computers, fiber optics, textile manufacturing, automobile sales, catalog mail order sales, real estate development, telecommunications, construction, cooperatives and condominiums, broker-dealers and financial institutions, computer consulting, medical professionals, restaurants, athletic footwear, and manufacturers of electronic components.

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