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The harsh reality of pregnancy discrimination

In today's tense political climate, sexism in the workplace has taken a major spotlight. The Weinstein effect and other daunting news highlights have made the issue clear that, despite shifting viewpoints, imbalances among genders remain. Pregnancy has its own place within this multifaceted issue, and recent adjustments in New York's laws have sought to better protect those facing discrimination.

Dancers, bartenders and workplace discrimination

In the heat of today's political climate, discrimination is a word with which nearly every American is likely familiar. Workplace discrimination has long been known to damage the emotional and physical states of all involved. When it comes to employment laws in New York, individuals have the right to address a situation legally and fairly. Nonetheless, some workers in the state have recently expressed difficulty in resolving their disputes while at work.

Minimum wage raises: a positive step forward?

Everyone deserves the right to earn fair pay. Yet that sentiment appears to lie at the heart of the very issue: that fair pay in New York can take on a different definition from one person to the next. Yet a large majority of minimum-wage workers stress that their pay simply does not meet basic needs.

Whistleblowing protected despite NY’s at-will status

Firing an employee is never easy but it is necessary at times, and in New York, employers do not have to justify or even document the reasons. According to the state Attorney General's office, New York is an "employment-at-will" state, and non-government employees have no grounds for legal redress if discharged, despite whether they view the action as being unfair.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: What it includes

It is illegal for employers in New York and elsewhere in the country to perpetuate or tolerate sexual harassment. However, the conversation continues in Silicon Valley as more women step forward to share their personal accounts of having been sexually harassed at work. The Street, a financial news site, reports that the problem is at all levels of business and across all business sectors, from startups to tech powerhouses such as Alphabet Inc.

Pregnancy protection, employers and the law

There are a multitude of ways that an employee discrimination case can arise within a company, but pregnancy discrimination is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in America. Many argue that New York is home to one of the nation's best pregnancy protection programs. However, some employees claim that unfairness and bias regarding preganancy still thrive in the workplace.  

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