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Minimum wage raises: a positive step forward?

Everyone deserves the right to earn fair pay. Yet that sentiment appears to lie at the heart of the very issue: that fair pay in New York can take on a different definition from one person to the next. Yet a large majority of minimum-wage workers stress that their pay simply does not meet basic needs.

The topic of minimum wage has picked up traction for the better part of the last decade, and attitudes continue to change as laws surrounding the topic adjust to the needs of workers. Some argue against raising the wage, claiming it could only hurt the job market; others point out that there is no evidence of such damage. Will New York's rising minimum wage make a lasting and positive change?

Whistleblowing protected despite NY’s at-will status

Firing an employee is never easy but it is necessary at times, and in New York, employers do not have to justify or even document the reasons. According to the state Attorney General's office, New York is an "employment-at-will" state, and non-government employees have no grounds for legal redress if discharged, despite whether they view the action as being unfair.

However, that does not mean that there are no protections for employees. Circumstances under which a fired employee may sue for damages or reinstatement include union and other employment contracts with specific termination clauses or grievance procedures to be followed, as well as "whistleblowing."

Sexual harassment in the workplace: What it includes

It is illegal for employers in New York and elsewhere in the country to perpetuate or tolerate sexual harassment. However, the conversation continues in Silicon Valley as more women step forward to share their personal accounts of having been sexually harassed at work. The Street, a financial news site, reports that the problem is at all levels of business and across all business sectors, from startups to tech powerhouses such as Alphabet Inc.

What started as a blog post launched an investigation into claims of sexual harassment by high- and mid-level managers at Uber Technologies Inc. The investigation eventually led to the firing of several managers and the resignation of the CEO.

Pregnancy protection, employers and the law

There are a multitude of ways that an employee discrimination case can arise within a company, but pregnancy discrimination is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in America. Many argue that New York is home to one of the nation's best pregnancy protection programs. However, some employees claim that unfairness and bias regarding preganancy still thrive in the workplace.  

When an employee is starting or expanding their family, it is often the employer that must compromise scheduling and other work-related needs. The New York post recently reported on a case of pregnancy discrimination, where an educator asserted that she was fired on the basis of her pregnancy. The 15-year veteran teacher claimed her boss mocked her in the school's hallways, yet the report offered little information covering the actual harrassment on behalf of the teacher's boss. The teacher reported that once she informed her boss of her pregnancy, her boss accused her of not working as hard as usual. As a result, the teacher sued the Department of Education, as well as the city.

Is estate planning necessary?

Planning for your future in New York is a wise idea in many areas of life. However, one area which you may overlook is the distribution of your estate when you pass away. Estate planning is one way to help maintain your loved ones' financial security after your death.

According to the American Bar, estate planning allows for provision for your family members. Writing a will establishes who will have guardianship of minor children. It also specifies the beneficiaries of your estate's assets. Additionally, a well-executed will could save you money. It could reduce the amount of taxes inflicted on your assets and expedite the transfer to beneficiaries, making the entire process less expensive.

Understanding the difference between heirs and beneficiaries

It often seems like whenever one brings up the issue of estate planning in New York City, many of his or her listeners stop paying attention. Planning for end-of-life matters often seems unimportant to those who believe themselves to still be early (or in the middle) of it. The problem is that many who put off this process rarely get around to completing it. In fact, information shared by the American Association of Retired Persons shows that 60 percent of American adults have yet to prepare a will.

Why do experts encourage people to begin their estate planning early in their adult lives? The primary reason is because no one knows when he or she might die (or become incapacitated). Therefore, before one spends his or her adult life working to acquire assets and property, he or she should ensure that his or her wishes regarding their dispersal to his or her beneficiaries is clearly stated.

Wells Fargo accused of more improprieties against its customers

There is another major scandal at Wells Fargo, and the banking giant could be facing trouble with insurance regulators in at least five states. According to an internal report prepared for Wells Fargo executives, the bank foisted unwanted and often unnecessary car insurance onto as many as 800,000 unsuspecting customers.

According to the report, which was prepared by a consulting firm and obtained by the New York Times, Wells Fargo engaged in the relatively rare practice of requiring borrowers to obtain auto insurance when they took out car loans, even though auto insurance is already required for drivers nationwide. In theory, the borrower could meet the requirement by purchasing auto insurance on their own.

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