Using Decades Of Trial Experience For Advanced Legal Strategies

At Salon Marrow, we offer vigorous representation to protect our clients' interests. Our team of attorneys have cultivated advanced alternative dispute resolution and litigation strategies through decades of experience at trial. We prosecute and defend a wide range of business, corporate, securities and real estate disputes before state and federal courts. We often handle cases related to employment, construction, shareholder conflicts, estates and more.

Focused On Cost Reduction Through Detailed Case Analysis

The cost of litigation often outweighs the expected benefits. Our first step is a preliminary evaluation of your dispute in an effort to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation measures. After several years of trial experience, our lawyers can determine the best path for your dispute.

Next, we focus on exploring your options for alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution methods are efficient, preventing drawn-out and expensive litigation procedures. Some methods include mediation and arbitration. Settling disputes out of trial also offers privacy against unfavorable publicity, which could impact the future of your business.

Vigorous Litigation Representation

If your dispute cannot be amicably resolved, our litigation team offers adamant courtroom representation. Our representation continues through the lifecycle of your case from pre-trial to trial, and if necessary, appellate proceedings.

At Salon Marrow, we provide vigorous effort to obtain the best results for your case. The size and experience of our firm enables us to efficiently and effectively prepare your case for trial, resolving by settlement on a cost-effective basis.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Dispute Resolution Options

It is our goal to solve your dispute while reducing stress and costs. During your initial consultation we will discuss the details of your dispute. Our attorneys will analyze your case and will offer the most beneficial tactics moving forward. Ultimately it is your decision to agree on the next steps. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your case. Call our office in the New York City Metro, at 888-317-8676, or fill out our confidential online contact form.