Skilled Employment Law Guidance

Salon Marrow offers a comprehensive approach to employment law. We will help you facilitate all aspects of employer-employee relationships, from application to termination. Our attorneys use decades of experience to assist you in drafting and enforcement of employment agreements and contracts. We will guide you in best practices for training, compensation, hiring, firing and more.

Our Services Ensure Compliance

It is our goal to protect your business through the appropriate legal steps. We will help you establish company rules for employee behavior and responsibilities. We work to prevent employment disputes and fines by helping your business stay in compliance. With decades of employment law experience, we will be your guide to national and city-specific laws. We will ensure compliance with federal discrimination laws such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will also ensure your compliance with federal, state and local labor laws, including wage and hour standards.

Protect Your Business Interests

It is important to be proactive in securing company information from exploitation. At Salon Marrow, we are highly experienced in drafting restrictive covenants. We will walk you through the process of protecting your company's information with the proper legal agreements. Our team of litigators will assist you in enforcing any legal agreements as well.

When employment disputes occur, we focus on mitigating their effect and cost. Our skilled negotiators use mediation techniques to settle disputes before they become too costly. When litigation is unavoidable, our team of highly skilled litigators will advocate on your behalf in either administrative agencies or in court.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Employment Law Needs

Salon Marrow has provided sophisticated legal counsel to businesses in the New York Metro since 1947. Schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs with our employment lawyers. We can draft a plan, which will benefit your business for years to come. Call us today at 888-317-8676, or fill out our online contact form.