Quality Legal Counsel For Over 65 Years

Salon Marrow was founded in 1947 by Leo Salon, in New York City. Our firm focused on providing quality legal counsel to high net worth individuals and businesses, and has continued to do so for the past seven decades. Today our firm has offices in the New York Metro; Hackensack, New Jersey; and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

We provide efficient counsel, focused on cost-containment. This means that our experienced litigators are prepared to take your case to trial, but will only do so if it truly benefits your case. Each of our attorneys brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. Together we form advanced legal strategies to offer comprehensive solutions to meet our clients' complex legal needs. Learn more about our team of attorneys in their brief biographies below:

Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships

We work to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients. The size of our firm allows us to offer more personalized services for every case. This means that we work one-on-one to strategize with our clients. We keep them informed on their case and always in control of the solution. Our methods build enough trust that our clients use our services in their personal and business legal needs.

Our clients range from individuals to publicly held multi-national corporations. The majority of our clients are mid-sized businesses who have trusted our counsel for years. Our skilled team has the capacity to handle legal problems of all sizes. Our firm has won major long-term cases, including a personal injury case for the U.S. Marines victims of the 1983 terror attack in Beirut, Lebanon. Salon Marrow secured $2 billion for the families of those brave Marines.

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